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Many teams struggle with inefficient tools and fragmented processes. Here’s how Bitrix24 IP Telephony can transform your sales communication and elevate your team's performance. Here are some advise than can help you with that:

What are the most tough chalenges of

sales communication?

Disjointed communication tools, missing customer context, manual data entry hassles, and missed follow-ups are common obstacles that sales teams face. Let’s see how Bitrix24 IP Telephony can address these issues.

Disjointed Communication Tools

Sales teams often juggle various tools, leading to fragmented and inefficient workflows. Bitrix24 IP Telephony integrates seamlessly with your CRM, providing a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs.

Missing Customer Context

Without real-time access to customer data during calls, opportunities for personalized interactions are often missed. With Bitrix24, every call is enriched with valuable customer insights, ensuring meaningful and tailored conversations.

Manual Data Entry Hassles

Manually logging call details wastes time and is prone to errors. Bitrix24 automates call logging and data entry, freeing up your team to focus on selling.

Missed Follow-Ups

Poor tracking of follow-up tasks can lead to missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers. Bitrix24 creates and tracks follow-up tasks automatically, ensuring timely and

effective follow-through.

According to our experience, switching to CRM

boost your revenue on 37% at least!

Yeah, that’s more than correct. You moght ask, how we can help you reach the same the result? Check out the answer bellow - CRM helps you to integrate these tools to your workflow and reach beyond:

Real-Time Customer Insights

Access to real-time customer data during calls allows for personalized and impactful interactions. Bitrix24 IP Telephony displays customer purchase history and preferences during calls, helping reps offer tailored solutions.

Automated Call Logging

Automated logging ensures all interactions are accurately recorded without manual effort. Each call is automatically documented in Bitrix24, including notes and follow-up actions, keeping everything organized.

Improved Follow-Up Tracking

Effective follow-up is critical to closing deals and maintaining customer satisfaction. Bitrix24 sets reminders and tasks for follow-ups, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Analyzing call data and performance metrics helps identify trends and areas for improvement. Bitrix24 provides detailed analytics on call volume, duration, and outcomes, helping managers optimize sales strategies.

Digitalz, your trusted partner in the UAE, offers comprehensive CRM Automation and Sales Management solutions. Let us help you implement Bitrix24 Copilot and transform your sales approach. Contact Digitalz today and take the first step towards a more agile and

successful sales strategy.

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